• Conduct timely sampling of raw materials and imported bulk products according to approved procedures and sampling plan
  • Conduct timely physical and chemical analysis of raw materials including potable and purified water, in bulk products, finished products and stability samples according to approved monographs and working procedures
  • Conduct timely testing of samples for validation under analytical validation, cleaning validation and process validation
  • Calculates, evaluates and records all test conducted in the laboratory report, logbooks and other forms as required
  • Counter-checks computation and result performed by other analysis
  • Performs regulatory and periodic assessment or calibration of assisgned instrument including its maintenance and cleanliness
  • Prepares/revises Standard Operating Procedure (SOP'S) for use in the laboratory according to GQP's, GQG's and CAPS
  • Conduct training of revised SOP's to Co-Analysis
  • Perform level 1 (self inspection) audits based on schedule


  • College graduate with a BS degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmacy or Biochemistry
  • Preferably at least 2 years experience in the Quality Control or Analytical Laboratory of a Pharmaceutical company
  • Strong Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Logical and amnalytical thinking
  • Good attention to details
  • Knowledge in Good Laboratory Practices and Pharmacopoeial Analytical Procedures
  • Works Neatly and systematically
  • Computer literate
  • Knowledge in basic laboratory techniques and in the principles of operation of essential laboratory equipment
  • Can operate Laboratory equipment such as HPLC, GC, Dissolution Tester and FTIR


Interested applicants may send their updated CV to recruitment@knollridges.com.ph

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