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Chief Technology Officer

Job Description:
The CTO is responsible for the strategy and security of all technology in the company. The three main areas of focus are Infrastructure, Internal Applications, and Consumer Applications. The candidate should have a foundational knowledge of computing technology, both hardware and software, and experience in developing consumer-facing applications.
Infrastructure: The CTO will be responsible for ensuring Information Security throughout large organizations through a combination of hardware, software, training, and policies. Additionally, they will be managing multi-site networks in all aspects of IT.
Internal Applications: The CTO will be responsible for architecting, administering, and building in-house applications to support the Operation, Finance, and Revenue department. They will also be managing AWS servers.
Consumer Applications: The CTO will be responsible for designing, building, and running consumer-facing platforms, including websites and iOS/Android mobile apps. This will include back-end tech infrastructure, UX/UI, and consumer data analytics. They will also be maintaining and enhancing native iOS and Android codebases and development teams.
Minimum Requirements:
Master’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferred.
Eight (8) years of experience working in a technological role, ideally in the field of hospitality.
Advanced technological skill set and a demonstrated history of successful application development.
Exceptional team management skills. Able to work with a remote team.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Extensive industry knowledge with an eye toward the future.

Interested applicants may send their updated CV to

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