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Privacy Policy


Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. that is subject to the requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and other issuances of the National Privacy Commission (collectively, “Data Privacy Act”) and relevant laws and regulations pertaining to the processing of personal information.   

Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. holds personal information, including sensitive personal information (as such terms are defined by the Data Privacy Act), relating to its prospective, current, and former employees (collectively, “Applicant or Applicant or Employee Data”) in its capacity as employer and in the conduct of its business.Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. may process for the following purposes: evaluation and processing of applications for employment; workflow management; compensation-related activities, including equity compensation-related activities, compensation analysis and administration; payroll processing (including management of salaries, expenses, taxes, required notifications to governmental authorities and the like); performance and absence management; job grading; benefits and personnel administration; HR reporting; compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; monitoring and enforcing compliance with Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. policies and procedures and with legal and regulatory requirements; internal audits, client, audits, and third party audits; compliance with client information security requirements and in response to client’s customer complaints;   processing necessary for the purposes of preventive or occupational medicine, for the assessment of the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, recording on an employee’s file any health issues that may affect an employee’s ability to work or of which  Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. needs to be aware of; authentication and validation of submitted medical or hospital documents including abstracts, medical certificates, etc.; providing IT support and services as well as providing and hosting IT infrastructure; protecting the security of Applicant or Employee Data as well as  Knoll’s employees, systems, property, and premises; and completing any other purposes directly related to those listed above. Such information is confidential and retained by Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. only for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of these purposes, as well as for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims, for other legitimate purposes, or as provided by law.   

Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. may share my personal information including sensitive personal information (“Personal Information,” for brevity)  with companies that work for or with Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. relative to the above-mentioned purposes including but not limited to the recruitment and evaluation of applicants for employment with Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc and other companies, the conduct of language tests,  the conduct of employment and criminal background checks, administration of health benefits, of employee benefits, administration of Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc’s records, employee engagement and employee experience enhancement activities,  conduct of client audits, or to improve the service being provided to us by vendors.  Such companies are required to keep the Applicant or Employee Data provided to them confidential and secure.  Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. may also disclose Applicant or Employee Data about its employees because of a sale of the assets of Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. mergers, acquisitions, or in preparation for any of these events or events similar thereto, and pursuant to laws, regulations, and court orders or subpoenas that may be received by Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc.   


I agree that my Personal Information may be disclosed to the following recipients or classes of recipients:   

            a. Clients and customers of Topserve Service Solutions Inc. and its affiliates; 
            b. Affiliates of Topserve Service Solutions Inc; 
         c. Third party vendors of Topserve Service Solutions Inc. to provide services that require processing of Personal Data, such as payroll providers, banks, clinic  providers, language test providers, security providers of Topserve Service Solutions Inc. and similar service providers;    
           d. Government agencies;   
           e. Other entities which Topserve Service Solutions Inc. may transact business with but subject to the purposes and limitations contained in this consent form.   

 Personal Information may be disclosed and retained in or outside the country or jurisdiction in which information is originally collected and retained.   

I hereby affirm my right to be informed, object to processing, access and rectify, suspend, or withdraw my personal information pursuant to the provisions of the Republic Act No. 10173 of the Philippines, Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its corresponding Implementing Rules and Regulations.  I however understand that such objection of processing, suspension, or withdrawal of personal data may result to withholding of benefits that are dependent on the processing of my personal data and that the same may also affect the terms and conditions of my employment.

I hereby acknowledge that I have been informed by Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc.of its use of my Personal Information in accordance with relevant laws.  I hereby expressly authorize Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc to collect, process and transfer my Personal Information that Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. deems necessary to effectively and efficiently administer the employment and conduct its business, for as long as necessary to full the purposes of processing mentioned above.   



You understand that employment with Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. is also contingent on your providing sufficient documentation and information necessary to establish your identity and eligibility to work.  

You certify that, if employed, your employment with Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. will not conflict with, violate, or breach any agreement you are a party to or are bound by, including any non-solicitation, non-competition, or other similar post-employment restriction you have with any current or former employer. 

You understand that, where permissible under applicable law, you may be subject to a pre-employment background screen, drug test and/or medical examination after receiving a conditional offer of employment and must meet the qualifications for the position.  

You understand that a separate disclosure and consent form will be provided prior to any background check.   

You understand that Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. may contact your current and/or former employers, schools, references, and/or other persons or organizations you have disclosed in the application/hiring process for the purpose of verifying the information you have provided.

You release your current and former employers, schools, references, and other persons or organizations named in the hiring process from any liability resulting from the information disclosed to Knoll Ridges Consultancy, Inc. pursuant to your application.    

You certify that the information submitted in your application is true and complete.  

You understand that any misleading information or falsification of information may disqualify you from consideration for employment or, if hired, may result in your termination, as permitted by law.