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Customer Service Assistant - BGC

 Customer Service Assistant #1


 A customer service associate assists customers with inquiries related to a

 commpany’s products and services. Customer service associates maintain adequate
 company and product knowledge to provide proficient service. Also known as
 customer service representative.
  • Customer Service Associate Responsibilities:
  • Attending training sessions to grow knowledge of products and to
      develop customer service skills.
  •  Resolving phone, walk-in, mail, fax, and email customer inquiries.
  •  Processing and logging incoming calls into the CRM system.
  • Identifying customer needs.
  • Forwarding and escalating inquiries to relevant individuals and
  •  Contacting customers to give them accurate feedback on the
       progress of their inquiries.
  •  Providing outstanding customer service.
  •  Updating customer information as required.
  •  Maintaining confidentiality of information.
  •  Performing other duties as the need arises.

    Graduate of any course
    With CSA experience is a plus
 Customer Service Assistant #2
Brief Job Description:
 Connect and Celebrate Task
 Create and sending birthday e-card
 Endorsement of new hires to distro list PIC to add them in their respective
 distribution list and adding for SRO and MGF
 Support data for the Recognition board
 Creation of PR via SAP
 Creation of GR
 Endorsement of Payment
 Support with task like buying of water and meals for activities etc.
 Updating of the local roadmap
 Meeting/Activity and Event Management
 (we have at least 4 activities per month)
 Execute layout design
 Coordinate with facility and HK for the ff:
 Gate pass
 Parking needs
 Blocking of meeting rooms/venue
 Event set up
 Post event clearing
 Creation of all needs for the event like attendance sheet etc.
 Participate in all events to ensure all is well
 File Management for We4Us (New)
 Gather minutes of the meeting per Collab
 Updating of yammer members
 Checking of the completeness of the distro list
 Create minutes of the meeting for We4Us
 Meeting set up
 Maintain and update the OneNote
 Center Management Report
 Set up meeting for ESH and Facilities meeting
 Maintain the OneNote
 Follow up on agreed actions
 Facilities (New)
 Checking of the monitors for agreed content
 Reporting of concerns per floor
 Inventory of center give aways
 Filing of Documents
 Endorse invoices to lobby guard
 Arrange photos per activity
 Keep all hard copies of documents
 PEZA reporting
 Fill up the activities part
 All center reporting
 Update the center KPI in our MBS master file
 for center management and We4Us
 Managing other concerns
Job Requirement:
Graduate of any medical related course
With CSA experience is a plus

Interested applicants may send their updated CV to

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