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Sales Manager


Sales Manager is responsible for leading a team of Account Managers and building success by identifying, qualifying and selling prospects.  He/She will also take the lead on managing relationships with high profile accounts and mentoring the team.


  1. Set Objectives
    1. Plan, organize, direct and control your sales staff to meet group and individual objectives
    2. Use these to help your salespeople maximize their potential
    3. At the beginning of each month, counsel with each salesperson to establish realistic sales objectives for the month and action plan
    4. Establish a sales objective for the department each month
    5. Achieve forecasted sales by following (and, if necessary, adjusting) your written plan of action
    6. Monitor each salespersons performance and compare it with that month’s objective.
    7. Understand departmental sales data to determine what is happening in your department
  2. Coach Sales People
    1. Offer them the coaching, counseling, advice, support, motivation or information they need in order to help them meet their sales objectives
  3. Develop Sales Forces
    1.  Recruiting, Hiring and Training Sales People
    2. Develop the most well trained, professional sales force possible
  4. Handle complaints from Customer, Supplier and Sales Agents
    1. Constructively handle (or supervise the handling of) all customer complaints related to your group
  5. Conduct Sales Meetings
    1. Prepare in advance and conduct regular sales meetings
    2. Review the performance of your salespeople and to motivate and stimulate them to even greater achievements
  6. Maintain a self-development program
    1. Constantly strive for professional growth
    2. Work to improve your sales skills, managerial skills, business skills and product knowledge
  7. Involve in customer follow up
    1. Supervise the proper use of Customer Logs by each sales person
    2. Also review the customer logs for trends that indicate where additional assistance might be needed
  8. Assist Sales People in the selling operation
    1. Assist your salespeople by stimulating floor traffic
    2. Motivate them to perform well
    3. Assist them in the selling process wherever needed


  • Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree of any field.
  • Proven work experience as a sales person in an IT industry for at least 7 years. 
  • Must have handled a team of sales professionals for at least 3 years.   
  • Must have proven recrod in sales and superior in analytical skills.
  • Must have good understanding in customer needs
  • Must have excellent communication skills.